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~.Lullaby for a stormy night.~ by kiki-kit

This picture is amazingly emotional, moving, and heart-warming. I love the techniques you've chosen here, Kiki, the bright eyes and tea...

Night of love by Angi-Shy

This amazing work by AngelinaHarijau perfectly recaptures and shows a magical moment of sweet romantic love between Agetian and May, An...

in your embrace by ivadesign

When I first saw the flower photos by *lpdragonfly I was amazed by the stunning beauty of the pictures and the overwhelming emotions th...


:AT: Vanni 3D by Agetian
:AT: Vanni 3D
I have finally found an opportunity to work on a design I promised to my friend :iconxvannix: - she requested an Animaniacs Warner style character design for her cute OC Vanni. :aww: Hope you like the pic, my friends! :aww:
[b]EDIT:[/b] Finished the picture and added the fractal background in GIMP.

Modeled and rendered in Blender v2.74 -

Vanni is an OC, she belongs to :iconxvannix: (Animaniacs OC version design by :iconagetian:)
:AT: Yakko and Laffy by Agetian
:AT: Yakko and Laffy
This is my half of the art trade with my dear friend :iconloveylaffy: - a romantic 3D scene with Yakko and her OC Laffy :heart: Hope you like it, my friends!
Modeled and rendered in Blender v2.74, with some minor post-processing in GIMP 2.8.

Yakko is an Animaniacs character (C) Warner Bros.
Laffy is an Animaniacs OC, she belongs to :iconloveylaffy:
Ag and May 3D [WIP] by Agetian
Ag and May 3D [WIP]
Here's a scene I'm working on at the moment - I'm willing to improve the overall scene and tree textures (especially flower/leaf) and also tweak the character models a little, but otherwise here it is - Ag and May walking among beautiful sakura trees :heart: :love: Hope you like it, dear friends! :aww:

UPDATE: Fixed an issue that caused Ag's hair not to appear in the final render.

Ag and May are Animaniacs OCs, they belong to :iconagetian::iconchixwarners:
:Contest Announcement: Bonii (and Bon) by Agetian
:Contest Announcement: Bonii (and Bon)

My friends, meet Bonii and her little robot Bon whom she programmed to be her friendly lab assistant :aww:

Bonii is an original character my mind imagined in a dream tonight :aww: I turned her into a cartoon. She belongs to me (:iconagetian:).

Here's her description:
- Age: 18-25 (depending on the story, picture, setting, etc.)
- Bonii is friendly. She likes to smile, she has a somewhat shy and lovely smile that she flashes at her friends. She's communicative and not reserved. She's also very sincere and honest.
- She is nerdy. She's an aspiring young scientist who works with artificial intelligence systems. She likes to program robots, she programmed her little robot Bon to be her assistant in the lab during her studies.
- She loves cartooning and drawing other toons, especially Disney characters. Her favorites are Rapunzel from Tangled and Honey from Big Hero 6.
- She is funny and playful. She loves to make cartoon impersonations, especially of her favorite toons, which always end up being spot-on and funny.
- She is somewhat shy but as she loves to communicate she's able to overcome her shyness. She can be a little flirtatious, but in a sweet and shy way, never too openly flirty.
- Her eyes are deep blue, and her long hair is blonde-ish (but not too bright). She has her hair either braided or straight.
- She likes to dress in a simple and, some would say, "plain" way, because she's a modest girl. She doesn't like to be overly stylish or dress in a bright and striking way.
- She's very smart. Her biggest achievement so far is creating and programming Bon, a cute little robot who can behave almost human-like in many cases and is smart enough to help Bonii with her scientific projects. Bon has capability for self-learning based on his experiences.

Bonii has recently fallen in love with Mike, a young fellow whom she accidentally met in a local city square - she stumbled on a rock and nearly fell, dropping her bag, when Mike rushed to help her, held her steady and picked up her bag. The boy was amused at the smart girl's friendly, open, funny and playful character, as well as her sweet smile, and asked her out on a date. :aww: Mike doesn't have an official design yet (see the contest below), but his basic description is like this: he's a caring and smart young fellow, also a scientist, he's a little taller than Bonii, he has green eyes, brown short hair. Other than that, I haven't really completed his full description, but that's why I'm running a contest here, so keep reading... ;)

I'd be happy to see you participating, my friends!

The objective of the contest is to draw a picture with Bonii (and possibly Bon) and Mike (you have to suggest a design for Mike based on the basic ideas suggested above). It can be anything - from their romantic date to them working on scientific projects together or playing with Bon or anything else you want :aww: The picture can be black and white or color, 2D or 3D - everything is up to you. :aww: The top design you suggest may be chosen to be the official design for Mike (with your permission) :aww:

Also, the top three pictures in the contest will receive a point donation prize: 1st place receives 150:points:, 2nd place receives 100:points:, 3rd place receives 50:points: :aww:. Point donations may be possible for contestants who do not win the top three prizes. ;)

The contest runs from January 1, 2015 till February 1, 2015 (one month). A weekly deadline extension is possible if necessary.

Good luck and have fun! Thanks for your participation! :hug:

1. PashkaGeraskin :iconpashkageraskin:
2. AnnaTheWondergirl01 :iconannathewondergirl01:
3. Primarella :iconprimarella: - Contest entry: Bonii and Bon by Primarella
4. Villainess-Vi :iconvillainess-vi:
5. Minkerdoodle :iconminkerdoodle:
:AT: Rufus the Gamer in Toy Land by Agetian
:AT: Rufus the Gamer in Toy Land
This is my part of the art trade with my dear friend Minky :iconminkerdoodle: - she requested a picture of her OC Rufus playing a game on some kind of a portable console. I'm not sure which console this turned out to be but it was modeled to loosely resemble Nintendo DS. :)

Otherwise, the blocks in the background are modeled to resemble this being some kind of a toy land, I guess. I may improve the background later to be more sophisticated. :aww:
Hope you like it, my friends! :hug:

Modeled in Blender v2.73 -

UPDATE: Fixed the order and positions of blocks.

Rufus is an Animaniacs OC, he belongs to :iconminkerdoodle:

I'm running a new competition (check my latest gallery submission). Will you consider joining? 

12 deviants said Maybe ;)
5 deviants said Yes :nod:
5 deviants said No :no:
Dear friends, because I have started working on art trades using my 3D Animaniacs model, I'm adding this journal entry to provide a catalog of ongoing and planned art trades. :aww:
Please note that my base Warner model is a constant work in progress, so certain things will get improved with time. I may or may not be able to easily backport the changes I make in the future versions of the model to my previous scenes, but I will try to do it if at all possible. :aww:

NOTE: Some art trades may be complete "out of turn" before other ones, sorry if that happens - I'm working on these art trades in the order in which they logically help improve the base model as well (and in which it's more effective to work on them :aww: ). Thanks for understanding.

1. DiMagi :icondimagi: - my entry is complete: :AT: Hope's Romantic Dinner by Agetian  DiMagi's entry is complete: Art-Trade: Ag and May by DiMagi.
2. InvaderWakko :iconinvaderwakko: - my entry is complete: :AT: I'll Show You The World by Agetian  InvaderWakko's entry is complete: I love you by InvaderWakko
3. DaelaWarner :icondaelawarner: - my entry is complete: :AT: A Magical Cloud Dream Wish by Agetian, DaelaWarner's entry is in progress: Agetian and May Forever by Daelawarner.
4. Minkerdoodle :iconminkerdoodle: - my entry is complete: :AT: Rufus the Gamer in Toy Land by Agetian. Minkerdoodle's entry is complete: :AT: Ag N' May by Minkerdoodle
5. AskBrandi1 :iconaskbrandi1: - my entry is not complete yet (a 3D model of her Animaniacs OC). AskBrandi1's entry is not complete yet.
6. Tigerstar2000 :icontigerstar2000: - my entry is not complete yet (a picture of his OC Mark). Tigerstar2000's entry is complete: Ag's purposal to May Manga Strip by Tigerstar2000.
7. XvanniX :iconxvannix: - my entry is not complete yet (a traditional picture: romantic scene with Mike and Vanni). XvanniX's entry is complete: May X Agetian (Art Trade) by XvanniX.

I may be able to take one more art trade but I can't promise to make it soon, 3D modeling takes a lot of time and working out a flexible, poseable model is a difficult thing. Please keep in mind that if you request an art trade right now it may take me a while to finish your picture...

Anyhow, hope you like my work, my friends! :hug: Thanks for your attention!


I'm a long-time fan of classic cartoon animation, starting with the Golden Era of Animation (early Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons, early Disney feature-length movies) and up to the 90s Second Golden Era (some say it's the "silver age", but I think it's the second golden era!) of Animation, such as Disney's "Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers" and "Talespin" (CDRR being my long-time favorite), and Warner Bros. "Tiny Toon Adventures" and "Animaniacs" (Animaniacs being my long-time favorite). I love animation as a form of art and I think it's one of the best forms of art suited for all ages. :) I'll be happy to communicate with other fans of classic animation!

Current Residence: Stavropol, Russia
Favourite genre of music: Classical, pop
Favourite style of art: Classic 2D cartoons style (Disney/Warner Bros)
Operating System: MS Windows Vista, Ubuntu Linux 9.10
MP3 player of choice: VLC Media Player
Shell of choice: BASH
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Animaniacs-related
Skin of choice: Anything Animaniacs-related
Favourite cartoon character: May Warner (OC), Dot Warner, Gadget Hackwrench, Sylvester, Baloo, Kit Cloudkicker


Agetian has started a donation pool!
3,450 / 4,000
Dear visitors, if you like my art and if you feel generous, please consider donating some points - these points will not be spent on anything personal but will be used to support my friends on DeviantART who may need help or support! :aww: Thank you very much for considering.

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